Octavo OSD3358-SM

Goal : understand how to design around the Octavo OSD3358 and understand how to use the PRU

The story

I had a lot of fun with Alice Meshroom (a free and open source photogrammetry software) and i was looking for components to build a drone that could make a 3D scan of his environment autonomously.

I had to pack in a small drone :

  • An autopilot running Arducopter
  • An obstacle avoidance system
  • 2 camera (forward for photogrametry and downward for mapping)

The OSD3358 can do everything above with really good documentation !
The OSD3358 has a Cortex A8 microprocessor running Linux and can run the Linux version of Ardupilot. It also has 2 microcontrollers called PRU, they have direct access to some GPIO and can access the main RAM. They are fast enough for camera capture and obstacle avoidance. Also for the wireless part, the SOC provide high-speed interfaces like SDIO and USB 2.0.

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