Open HMD Quest Support

Goal : provide support for the Oculus Quest through Open HMD on Linux (stream video from linux to the headset and input (position, hand, headset information) from the Quest to the PC)

Actually Open HMD mostly provide positional/hand tracking and information about headset (display size, resolution, distortion matrix).
The image is created by the library’s user via OpenGL for instance (the headset is seen exactly like a display by the operating system).
To get a working Quest there is 2 step :

  • Implement video streaming through Gstreamer
  • Send all input from headset

Sending input is way simpler than streaming video, since the headset manufacturer already provide easy access to example to access everything and the flow of data is pretty small. In contrary, video must have the lowest latency while being carried by a possibly noisy network.

No repo yet

  • Understand Open HMD internal
  • Find how to use Gstreamer to stream the video
  • Implement positional/hand tracking
  • Create code example for Python/C
  • Document how much work must be done to port other standalone headset
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