Smart Bridge

Smart Bridge Micro

Goal : create a plateform for robotic focusing on small drone and being fully open source

Specification of the Smart Bridge Micro

  • Very small (smaller than a pi zero)
  • V3S for video streaming / “Heavy” operating system (debian , ROS, linux-rt)
  • ESP32 for wifi raw packet / realtime operating system
  • IMU
  • A lot of extension port
  • 1s / 2s battery support
  • Support cheap camera (OV5640)


Smart Bridge Micro
Smart Bridge Micro
Smart Bridge Micro


  • Component research
  • Component documentation and reference design
  • Pcb designed
  • BOM
  • Pcb review
  • PCB and component command
  • Waiting for test jig
  • Board bring up
  • ESP32 firmware
  • Linux kernel
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